3/9-10 Saladaeng Road, Silom, Bangkok 10500, THAILAND. เดอะคิวบ์ โฮสเทล 3/9-10 ถนนศาลาแดง สีลม บางรัก กทม 10500
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Local Attractions
Convent Street Food Hawkers (3-minute walk)

Well, let this be known.  Eating well is big in our family.  But eating well does not necessarily mean it would have to cost you an arm and a leg!  That’s why we love the food hawkers at Convent Street – about 100 meters walk from the Cube.  Our all-time favorites remain to be “Ba-mee Kiew Moo-dang” (Egg noodles with sliced pork and shrimp wonton) and “Kra-pror Pla” (fish-maw soup with asparagus and quail eggs (yum!)).  But don’t let anyone stop you, “Kao na Gai” (Chicken Stew over rice) and “Kao Mun Gai” (Thai-styled Hainanese Chicken Rice) among other dishes are just as delicious.  All should cost you no more than USD 1.80 per dish! Wow, fireworks in our tummies right now.  Are they clean you may ask? Well, we the locals have grown up with them and have never gotten sick.  Then again we have been everywhere from Calcutta to Johanessburg to Boston and London, so we may have extra immune system to all kinds of food.  We give you suggestions, you pick your adventures.  Bon Appetit!

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Markets around Silom: Patpong, Fresh Market or Lalai Sap?

There are many different types of markets within walking distance on Silom so instead of listing all three in separate items: we have summarized their unique characters onto No. 4: Patpong Night Market – the most famous (although might not be the most popular among some tourists).  This market has items ranging from t-shirts with funny signs, Jerseys of your favorite soccer, football, basketball teams, cute lighting and paintings for your apartments to pirated dvds.  If you decide to go, be sure to practice your bargaining skills and keep an eye on your belongings at all time as the streets are quite busy with tourists and vendors. Silom Fresh Market – this is where you can find everything fresh! Vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, spice, and coconut milk, you name it they have it!  A refreshing and fun place to visit – the market opens from xx – xx.  There is also a Thai food cooking class you can take with http://www.bangkokthaicooking.com/ where they will walk you through the market and explain all the ingredients to you before you learn how to cook a simple yet delicious Thai meal.  Doesn’t hurt to give it a try. ☺ Lalai Sap Market – […]

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Lumpini Park (10-minute walk)

Had enough of the concrete jungle?  Well, you’re in luck.  Bangkok’s most beloved park is situated just an intersection away from the Cube.  There you can enjoy a walk, jog or run under the shaded tropical trees (2.5 km per one round).  And after 5pm when it is cooler, you can even have a small picnic by the many ponds situated throughout the park.  If you’re up for rowing you can row, and if you’re up for paddling you may paddle.  Whatever floats your boat, you may very well enjoy burning off those green curry and pad-thais.  Enjoy!

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Silom Complex Shopping Mall (1-minute walk)

This is really not an “attraction” but rather a safe haven for most people.  It is like a regular shopping mall in your town.  It’s got everything from clothing to shoes to sports equipment.  There is a vast selection of really great locally owned chain restaurants such as Vanilla Industry, Maisen (famous Japanese Tonkatsu!), xxx, and the After You (famous Honey Toast dessert place).  There is also a supermarket on the basement where you can get your snacks and fruits as needed.  It is definitely a plus to have around (apart from the 7-11 that is a stone throw away from the Cube.)

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